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Energy Efficient Lighting

The Power Service not only aims to help companies comply with the law but also to assist those clients interested in 'green issues. If your company would like to reduce your energy bills by using Energy Efficient Lighting we can help.

If you have already thought about using energy efficient light bulbs but have never done anything about it, now is the time to find out about the savings you can make and ‘go green’ at the same time.

  • Save up to 80% of energy with the same output
  • The new bulbs can last up to fifteen times longer - avoid replacing bulbs, especially in hard to reach places or safety areas
  • Bulbs are now available economically in styles to match your interior

Advantages of converting to modern low energy bulbs

  • The life of a low energy bulb may be many times that of a conventional light bulb, possibly by as much as fifteen times. This leads to lower maintenance costs and less inconvenience to visitors and staff. The approximate life of each bulb is specified by the manufacturer.
  • Although the earliest low-energy bulbs were often bulky, expensive and had protruding tubes, modern bulbs are now available to resemble the appearance of many types of conventional bulbs. They are now smaller, cheaper and many are attractive to look at.
Lyco 11W Bayonet 8000hr Low energy regular shape GLS

The Power Service can provide the following services:

  • survey the types of lighting currently in place
  • list those lights that can be cost-effectively converted or replaced to use less energy
  • calculate the potential energy savings which could be achieved if converted to low-energy lighting
  • advise on the ideal replacement lighting and show proposed replacements to allow you to confirm your selection of lights to achieve the desired luminosity and appearance

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